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 Nothing is more important to an NGO than the ability to expand quality services delivery to a greater number of those it exists to serve.  COMBRA’s senior staff is committed to developing creative ways to add-value to its programs and services to ensure it continues to act as The Center for Excellence for CBR training in Africa.  The Organization has undertaken the development of two major projects to build the capacity of the organization and to provide additional revenue streams to supplement the income generated from our various trainings.

COMBRA is as committed as ever to the growth of our Organization in Uganda and the greater East African Region.  The close of 2008 will mark the end of our first major planning initiative which was started in 2004.  At that time the staff made the next step forward in business development by laying down COMBRA’s first strategic plan.  In early September 2008 we will once again take on the task of redefining our efforts and initiatives so that we remain as true to our mission as possible.  Please continue to follow our progress and we thank you in advance for your support.


COMBRA is presently in the midst of constructing a four story hotel, fully accessible with an accommodation capacity of 112 people.  The hotel features single rooms with a self-contained washroom and a small patio for those seeking added privacy.  There are also double-rooms available which share a spacious community bathing area.  At the present COMBRA has just opened the first floor of the new site just in time for the arrival of 3 international students (2 Canadians OTs, 1 American Dr. PT).

The Hotel is further meant to act in coordination with the Maria Kangere Memorial Hall to make for a perfect environment for professional events or personal hire.  The hall has a sitting capacity of 500 individuals and has played host to numerous weddings, conferences, workshops, etc.  It is also fully accessible to persons with disabilities and is surrounded by a beautiful garden.  For more information on rates for the hotel or inquiries into rental fees for the hall and grounds please give us a call or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    

Assistive Device Workshop:

      The Organization is pleased to announce that the expansion of the COMBRA Appropriate Technology Workshop is due to commence shortly.  In the last months COMBRA was able to secure full funding for the project courtesy of CORDAID who has been a major sponsor of COMBRA initiatives over the years.  On behalf of the staff and community, a special thanks goes out to CORDAID for their continued partnership as we look to expand operations at home and abroad.  It is our hope that through the production and provision of affordable assistive devices that we might diversify our revenue streams while filling a critical gap in the needs of PWDs.

International Exchange Program:

      For a number of years COMBRA has welcomed and played host to a number of international students from a variety of educational disciplines.  As a leading center for CBR training in Africa COMBRA has a unique opportunity to provide a substantial learning opportunity while providing an appropriate level of comfort for these distinguished students.  In the coming years COMBRA is seeking to expand and formalize its international student programme with the collaboration of partner organizations at home and abroad.  If your organization is interested in partnering with COMBRA in this capacity please contact us.  For those students looking for a wonderful opportunity to embrace Ugandan life and culture while receiving a quality educational experience working with a terrific staff, you are also most welcome to contact us here at COMBRA.

Continuing Education:
Aside from these projects the Organization is committed to continuing education for both staff and volunteers.  A broad and deep knowledge base remains the key to COMBRA’s success and we realize the importance of remaining on the cutting edge of education in order to function to the best of our ability.  In this vain we have taken up partnership with the United States Peace Corps for support in our organizational development.  We are pleased to have Mr. Vance Brown serving as our Organizational Development Consultant for the period of April 2008 – April 2010.  Mr. Brown is in the midst of completing his MA in International Administration at the University of Denver Josef Korbel School of International Studies and has been a wonderful asset to the organization.